"Uniting the world thru domino."

Our History

It takes persistence and determination to set goals as high as we have. After many grueling hours of searching, we have found no other organization attempting to do what we know we can achieve.

Our Mission

The International Council of Domino (ICD) is a non-profit organization designed and created to bring the sport of domino to all countries. ICD is committed to exposing this sport in a competitive nature while maintaining the spirit of teamwork and unity among its members...

Our President's Message

The playing of Domino continues to be one of the most popular games for most families and ordinary people bonding with each other. During the past few years, we have been witnessing an increasing number of people playing Domino ...

What Makes Us Unique !

I.C.D. will operate differently from other organizations, with a board of seven who have dedicated themselves to servicing its members, achieving its goals, and above all else, letting the love of the game be the venue to "uniting the world thru domino".